Sustainable development


Through a partnership with the ZEROCO2 organization, the Board of Trade committed itself to reducing its daily ecological footprint and to offsetting twice the greenhouse gas emissions associated with its activities by planting trees in urban settings and buying carbon credits.

Who is ZEROCO2?

Our partner, ZEROCO2, is a Quebec company specializing in climatic engineering and environmental management. A Canadian leader in fighting climate change, ZEROCO2 offers one of North America's best performing programs for analyzing, managing, reducing, and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions.

Also a developer of innovative projects and a partner to several Quebec companies, municipalities, and government organizations, ZEROCO2 has, over the years, become a leader by guiding businesses in managing their climate footprint.

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Growing Green in Business

To draw attention to the benefits of sustainable development in business, the Board of Trade, in partnership with ZEROCO2, has launched the column Growing Green in Business.

Published every two weeks, announced in the weekly calendar and available at, it will show you how to increase revenue, tap into new markets and find incentive programs. It will also show you how to reduce your production and operating costs while enhancing your reputation, building customer loyalty and attracting and retaining employees. Finally, it will offer tips for reducing emissions and explain how to achieve ZEROCO2 certification.