Immigration: how to get ahead at work


Added on 7 July 2016 in Blog

Once you have found a job in Quebec, climbing the corporate ladder can be tough. To guide you, here are a few suggestions from immigrant executives.

Drawn from our study “Immigrants: Getting Positioned for Strategic Jobs,” their suggested practices have been grouped under three immigrant profiles.

Are you a…


  • They do a lot of research and preparation.
  • They are ready for any eventuality.
  • They generally accept a position for which they are overqualified.
  • They advance quickly because they are skilled.


  • They face a difficult job search because of a lack of experience in Quebec.
  • They will go back to school and take part in activities to expand their local professional network.
  • They are determined to succeed; they make the same efforts as “strategists.”


  • They have expertise that is in demand and work in sectors such as aerospace, video games, information and communication technology, etc.
  • The administrative legwork is done by the employer.
  • They meet language and administrative requirements.

No matter what your profile, here are six tips to remember:

1. Persevere: knock on the same doors over and over.
2. Network: develop your networking reflexes.
3. Manage your expectations: don’t expect an executive position when you first arrive.
4. Climb the ranks: get your foot in the door and work your way up to management.
5. Go back to school: going back to school helps you sell skills acquired abroad.
6. Have a specific goal: this will help focus your efforts.


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