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Webinar: marketing strategy in the United States

Get a clear picture of the marketing issues and factors for sales success on this market!

Monday, June 16, 2014 from noon to 1:30 P.M.


Pierre Trudel

Pierre Trudel

Customer relations coach

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Specialized in North American markets, Pierre Trudel is a customer relations coach and teaches marketing and international business at HEC Montréal (Faire affaire avec les États-Unis and “International Marketing and Business Under NAFTA”).

He was president of a chapter of the Chicago-based American Marketing Association. He successfully supported the sales and marketing efforts of Canadian and European businesses in 46 U.S. states.

The Les Affaires magazine often seeks his opinion regarding the factors which led to the success of businesses active on the American market.


  • To learn how to make your U.S. marketing a success.
  • To find out about the best practices and learn how to avoid the most common errors.
  • To adapt methods used by businesses succeeding in the United States to your company situation.
  • To optimize your development in the United States without leaving your office.


  • Take part in a one-and-a-half-hour interactive session using survey, screen sharing, and chat tools, and interacting directly with the lecturer.
  • Share your issues prior to the training session so that the trainer can adapt the content to meet your needs.
  • Ask questions, make comments, and identify important elements, just like in a traditional training setting.
  • Receive the presentation materials after the training session.

The activity will be held in French.


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  • Sales, marketing, and communications trends on the American market.
  • The impact of regional differences on business conduct.
  • The use of intermediaries and how to choose good partners and allies that will help you succeed.
  • The reasons Canadian companies succeed in the United States, and ways of adapting their methods to your company situation.


  • For companies seeking to increase their presence in the United States and, more particularly, for the following individuals:
    • Administrators
    • Sales managers
    • Marketing managers
    • Business development managers
  • Manufacturing, distribution, and service companies seeking to learn about commercial and marketing aspects unique to the United States
  • All those already doing business in the United States that want to increase their potential

Take full advantage of the potential for growth the United States have to offer.

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