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The Interconnection Program, held through a partnership with Emploi-Québec, aims to contribute to the professional integration of qualified immigrants by giving Montréal companies an opportunity to meet with candidates with experience and skills in their respective professional sectors.

Interconnection organizes a variety of pairing activities, completely free of charge, such as speed-jobbing sessions and internships lasting up to four weeks.

Discover close to 4000 candidates who speak French, have permanent resident status in Canada, and have several years of experience in their field.

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For more information on the program, contact Patricia Grzesiak, Organizations Advisor, Interconnection Program
514 871-4000, extension 4061

Through Interconnection, you can also meet candidates eligible for the Employment Integration Program for Immigrants and Visible Minorities (PRIIME), which offers a wage subsidy upon hiring.



Meet a maximum number of candidates in a minimum amount of time!

The speed-jobbing sessions enable you to make contact quickly with professionals from your industry. You can then welcome the candidates that piqued your interest for an internship, or even integrate them in a hiring process.


Take advantage of the talent and expertise of a qualified immigrant by welcoming them in your organization for an unpaid internship spanning up to four weeks.

You benefit – free of charge and with no hiring commitment – from the services of a professional qualified in your business segment while offering them some valuable initial experience in Quebec.

To ensure an optimal internship experience, we select employers that can offer:

  • A professional internship environment: office, work station for the intern
  • The presence of colleagues
  • Coaching for the intern

Meet candidates carefully selected according to your criteria and needs!

Get to know a seasoned professional from your industry and with the desired profile. As a result, you will make your selection process easier, in addition to contributing to developing the professional network of the candidates you will have met!


Position yourself as an employer of choice for qualified new arrivals!

Take part in a sectoral conference and give participants in the Interconnection program a complete picture of the sector in which they hope to find work in Quebec.


Promote your image and services among various cultural communities!

Welcome qualified new arrivals — chosen according to your needs— into your company for a day.

Whether you simply want to present your company, organize pairups with your employees, or recruit new talent, an Interconnection advisor can help you organize a Career Exploration Day adapted to your specific needs.


Share your expertise with a qualified new arrival. Over the course of two one-hour meetings, provide information on the job market in your sector in Quebec, give CV and job search advice, and help develop a network of professional contacts.

Frequently asked questions

What are the status and the profile of candidates participating in the program?

Interconnection participants are permanent residents, with degrees and experience, who speak several languages, notably French and English. Professional profiles are varied, and the candidates we put in contact with you are preselected according to your criteria. Participating in the program will give you access to a pool of qualified and experienced candidates who have not yet had the opportunity to work in their field in Québec.

Why can’t internships last longer than 4 weeks?

The internships offered as part of the Interconnection program—a maximum of 4 weeks in duration—are non-remunerated under Article 11 of the Individual and Family Assistance Act (CQLR, Chapter A-13.1.1) and Article 6 of the Individual and Family Assistance Regulation (CQLR, Chapter A-13.1.1, r.1). Article 6 of this regulation specifies that “[The provisions of the Labour Standards Act] do not apply to work activities carried out as part of employment assistance measures or programs that allow for the completion of exploratory internships in the workplace with a goal of clarifying career paths or supporting job integration or job preparation, during the first four weeks of each of these internships.”

After this 4-week period, the worker and the host company become subject to the Labour Standards Act, and the company is therefore obliged to at least pay the worker minimum wage.

What is the “PRIIME” wage subsidy program?

The majority of our candidates are eligible for the PRIIME program, a wage subsidy offered by Emploi Québec with the aim of facilitating the professional integration of immigrants and visible minorities into the job market. Both the candidate and the company must contact an Emploi Québec agent to verify their eligibility in the program.

How do you recruit immigrants to become candidates in the Interconnection program?

We are in regular contact with over 80 employment organizations and teaching establishments that work with new arrivals. Emploi-Québec also sends us many new arrivals ready to integrate into the job market. In addition, given the program’s renown, a great number of immigrants register directly via our website.

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