Relaunch your career in Quebec!

Through the Interconnection Program’s various activities, you will have the opportunity to broaden your network of professional contacts, develop your ability to complete successful interviews, get some initial work experience in your sector in Quebec, and much more.

When you register, there are three processes you can go through, depending on your professional profile and the profiles sought by our participating companies.

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1. Business Immersion

Professional Meeting

Speak to a professional in your sector of activity about your career path, your accomplishments, and your skills, with a view to obtaining an internship in the company.

Whatever the results of the meeting may be, you will benefit from constructive feedback on your performance.

Non-Remunerated Internship

Get your initial Quebec work experience in your area of expertise, and familiarize yourself with local business practices!

Complete a non-remunerated internship lasting a maximum of four weeks in an organization in the Montréal region. This is a remarkable opportunity to demonstrate your skills while broadening your network of professional contacts.

2. Professional Contact

Career Discovery Day

Get an inside look at a Quebec company operating in your sector.

As Career Discovery Days are adapted to meet the needs of the host company, the activities in which you may be involved will vary: an introduction to the organization and its services, pairings with employees, or speed-jobbing sessions.


Express Mentoring

Make contact with a local professional to benefit from his or her experience and advice on your job search and on winning strategies to adopt. Also benefit from help in broadening your professional network in Quebec, and gather relevant information on your sector of activity.

Communicating with Employers Workshop

Develop your ability to communicate, network, and perform in an interview situation during a free day of training on techniques for communicating with employers. Also benefit from the advice of guest professionals.

3. Sectoral Networking

Training on business networking and the interview process

Develop your communications skills during a free day of training on the art of networking, provided by the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal. A second half-day of training will help demystify the interview process and prepare you for a speed-jobbing session.

Sectoral Conference

Meet key players in your sector: representatives from companies, sectoral labour committees, professional orders…

Gather privileged information on your sector and, more specifically, on the employment situation in your industry.

Speed-Jobbing Session

At just one single activity, get to talk to several companies with recruitment needs in your professional sector.

Make yourself known to potential employers while developing your skills for a successful interview.

Workforce and Diversity Networking

Make yourself known to Quebec companies by taking part in a networking activity, and thereby develop your professional network.

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Further your professional integration in Québec by participating in the Interconnection program!

To register, you must:

  • Have permanent resident status
  • Be living in Canada for five years or less
  • Have training and a few years of experience in your professional field outside of Quebec
  • Be available and be seeking your first professional experience in Quebec


What do we expect of candidates registered in the program?

You must be available, interested in the program, ready to participate in one of the activities being offered, and consequently, be able to travel to Montréal and its environs.

What happens if I am selected for one of the program’s activities?

The Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal will contact you to provide further details about the specific activity and to confirm your interest.

Can I update my résumé?

Yes. You can make changes to your résumé and contact information directly while viewing your profile. In fact, we recommend that you update your résumé regularly.

Can I complete the registration and write my curriculum vitae in English?

We encourage you to complete your registration and prepare your CV in French, as most of our activities take place in French. Our keyword searches for candidates are also mostly carried out in French.

Once I have sent my résumé, how long will it take before I am selected for a twinning activity?

Interconnection program activities are organized according to the requests and needs of participating employers. The span of time can therefore vary from one activity to the next. Please also note that we will contact you only if you are selected as a candidate for one of the Interconnection program activities.

If I take part in an internship, can I include it on my résumé?

Yes, and it is highly recommended that you do so! An internship is an excellent gateway to the business world.

Does the Interconnection Program cover all professional fields?

We have activities in a wide range of professional fields. However, our activities are concentrated in certain sectors according to the profiles companies are seeking; these notably include administration, human resources, information technology, communications and marketing, business development, international trade, and finance. We have very few activities in the field of health care.

Please note that we will contact you only if you are selected as a candidate for one of the Interconnection program activities.

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Would you like more information about the Interconnection program?

Contact Patricia Grzesiak, Advisor, Interconnection Program
514 871-4000, extension 4061