Metropolitan Bulletin Board

  • Are you a volunteer?
  • Do you provide financial support to a cause?
  • Are you actively involved in your community?

The Board of Trade's Metropolitan Bulletin Board lets you inform other members about events you care about.

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How to Post Your Text Online

If you wish to benefit from that privilege, simply e-mail your ad in PDF format and a text – in English and French versions – of approximately 350 words to This section will be updated regularly. Once your text has been approved, we will let you know when it will be posted. Please note that The Board of Trade has editorial responsibility for all texts.

This bulletin board represents the Board of Trade's commitment to promoting better social cohesion, a condition essential to the development of the quality of life and prosperity of a City of the World like Montreal. Only members can participate !

The Board of Trade counts on your participation and invites you to visit soon Our members get involved to read about new opportunities to get involved and learn more about other Board of Trade members.

The Board of Trade reserves the right to edit or shorten any text submitted.

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