Business Volunteers


The business expertise to profit the community

Business Volunteers

A unique experience for you

Are you interested in doing volunteer work?

Wish to share your expertise with a community-oriented nonprofit organization,or one active on the cultural, health, environmental, sports and leisure or social economy scenes?

These organizations are looking for volunteers who can:

  • Sit on their board of directors
  • Advise them on their Web site or computer network
  • Develop a communication plan
  • Offer coaching on how to use human resources management tools
  • And more

While taking into account:

  • The specific needs of the organization
  • The sector in which it operates
  • The volunteer's area of expertise
  • The needs and interests of the volunteer (availability, geographic location, preferred sector of activity…)

Who can volunteer?

Anyone working in the business community and wishing to become involved in community action by volunteering services in their field of expertise.

Michel Leblanc

“For the Board of Trade, the development of the metropolis requires the social involvement of its members. With this in mind, Business Volunteers offers you a chance to participate in your community in a whole new way. With your expertise, you can help community and cultural organizations to progress. This mutually beneficial exchange will enable you to contribute to a community complementary to that of your everyday life while enjoying new learning and networking opportunities.

The energy and passion you invest can make a huge difference to worthwhile organizations that can benefit from combining various experiences, approaches, and perspectives to break new ground. Your next enthusiasm may be just around the corner, and Business Volunteers can help you find it.”

Michel Leblanc
President and CEO
Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal

For more information or to apply on-line, please visit the Web site:

An advisor from Business Volunteers will follow up with you in accordance with your interests, expertise, skills, and availability.


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Services Coordinator
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