According to the findings of the online survey of 1,589 Quebeckers (with a margin of error of +/- 2.5%) and the telephone survey of 392 representatives of corporations of all sizes located in the Montreal area, both baseball lovers and Montreal business people support the project to bring a baseball team back to Montreal.

► 69% of Quebeckers are in favour of the return of a professional baseball team to Montreal, while 11% oppose it.

► 81% of businesses support the return of professional baseball to Montreal.

► According to realistic predictions established by Leger, between 27,600 and 31,600 spectators would attend games on average.

► 40% of the population would be very interested in buying tickets if Montreal had a Major League Baseball team.

► Leger found that the respondents would be interested in buying tickets at a price between $25 and $75.

► Season’s tickets represent around 60% of the total ticket sales per game.

► Certain business leaders would be interested in taking part in the funding of a future baseball stadium in Montreal. In fact, 31% of the survey respondents would likely buy a brick, while 24% would likely buy a seat.

► Among the businesses that would likely buy tickets to attend baseball games in Montreal, 24% would be interested in buying advertising in the new stadium.