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The Board of Trade
of Metropolitan Montreal is:

  • Over 7,000 members
    Strong, committed, multi-sectoral membership.
  • 80% decision-makers
    Proportion of members holding a decision-making position in their company.
  • 200 activities per year
    Each year, over 20,000 people take part in our events.
  • Over 190 years of history
    A strategic player in our economic development for close to two centuries.
  • 90 experts at your service
    The Board of Trade team works for your prosperity and for that of the city!

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5 Great Reasons to Become
a Member of the Board of Trade

1 Expand your network

  • Take advantage of more than 200 diversified networking events that cater to all types of needs every year
  • Network while discovering original Montréal locations
  • Attend member-only business meetings
  • Make the most out of pre-sale privileges for some of our events
  • Connect with buyers on the lookout for new products
  • Develop your network in other countries and conquer new markets
  • Draw inspiration from the experiences of other business people
  • Benefit from a 15-50% discount on event registration fees
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2 Learn and get informed

  • Expand your skills thanks to our workshops on the best business practices
  • Learn the basics of international trade with training offered by World Trade Centre Montréal
  • Let yourself get inspired by some of the greatest names on the political and economic scenes who share our prestigious rostrum
  • Visit our documentation centre to obtain strategic information
  • Take advantage of our forums to discuss strategic issues of scale
  • Discover new business opportunities in other countries
  • Gain better insight thanks to our various papers on major economic matters
  • Get to know the right resources to start your company and help it grow
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3 Gain visibility

  • Make your presence known in both the paper and digital versions of our member directory
  • Advertise special member offers for free on our website
  • Leverage our mailing service to send targeted offers to our 7,000 members
  • Discuss and network through social media on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages or on Twitter
  • Gain greater visibility by actively taking part in our events
  • Be featured on the participants lists handed out at certain targeted events
  • Take advantage of our sponsorship proposals
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4 Grow on the international market

  • Develop new markets with the help of World Trade Centre Montréal’s team of international trade experts
  • Attend training sessions where you will learn the basics of international trade
  • Take part in seminars on foreign business opportunities
  • Meet with international buyers intent on finding new business partners
  • Join a trade mission with our experts who will set up meetings perfectly suited to your needs
  • Have the necessary documents to export your products to certain countries certified
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5 Get involved to support the metropolitan area

  • Tell us about the challenges your company is facing
  • Take advantage of targeted initiatives focusing on various strategic issues that have bearing on the Montréal economy
  • Measure the impact of the Board of Trade’s yearly participation in the pre-budget consultations led by all three levels of government
  • Read the different reports and studies conducted by the Board of Trade to contribute to the development of the metropolitan area
  • Leverage our qualified immigrant labour welcome and integration programs
  • Benefit from our support programs aiming to encourage the use of French in SMEs
  • Help motivate high school students to stay in school
  • Get involved by volunteering in a nonprofit organization
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